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Pressed Premiere

Support came out in force last week for the premiere “Pressed” starring Luke Goss. The sold out red carpet event was held at the Paramount Theatre in beautiful downtown Kelowna, BC. A wonderful choice as a backdrop and dramatic contrast to the emotionally charged film that was to come.

LGF had the privilege to be invited to this event where we were able to interview many of the cast in attendance, including Pressed’s writer/director Justin Donnelly. Due to his filming schedule Luke was unable to attend the premiere but Troy and Casey from Q103.1 had a great phone interview with Luke while we video taped from the Kelowna side of things.

As we made are way inside the Paramount Theatre we were greeted at the media wall with many photographers in attendance waiting to take pictures with the cast, crew and VIP’s.

The mood of the whole evening was welcoming and so full of energy! As we all took our seats and the introduction to the film was given, the support was unmistakable. Cheers erupted from the crowd and there was genuine excitement for the coming film.

The movie begins with Brian (Luke Goss) finding out that his very successful career has just been unexpectedly terminated, leaving him with some very heavy bills to pay. Unable to admit to his wife what has happened he sends her and his young son on a planned week long trip while he attempts to figure out how he is going to come through this in a struggling economy.

Unable to secure a new job through his contacts, Brian ends up stumbling upon Jimmy (Michael Ekland), a shady old high school friend who manages to convince him to use his entire savings to back his investment opportunity. Desperate and naive to what he was agreeing to, Brian hands over his money.

Brian’s situation quickly goes from bad to worse when the car containing the “investment” is stolen by Jessie and Sam (Tyler Johnson and Jeffrey Ballard). Two young teens just out for a bit of fun who end up in a whole lot of trouble.

The consequences of these decisions changed the lives of all involved… forever.

The whole cast was perfectly chosen. The interactions were natural even in the unusual situations.

Luke delivered a powerful performance, taking you with him through the fall and redemption of Brian. If you think you have seen the full range Luke is capable of, let us assure you that until you see Pressed you have not. His ability to make you emphasize with his characters is one of his greatest strengths and it is that strength that pulls you right in to Brian’s situation. At times you wanted to comfort him and times you wanted to slap him, but in the end he did the right thing… or did he?

Distribution for Pressed has currently been secured for Germany, and is being worked on for the US, Canada and Europe. We have no doubt that it will be picked up soon. The unique combination of Luke’s riveting performance, the amazing story and stunning scenery are not to be missed.

We would like to extend thank you’s to Justin Donnelly for not only making this fabulous movie, but for making us feel so welcomed. Ashley Kruger (manager for the Paramount Theater) for inviting us as media guests and for hosting such a top notch event. Troy and Casey from Q103.1 for a great interview with Luke and a very sweet shout out to the

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