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Lost Time

lost time poster 2


Here’s a great new poster for Luke’s upcomming movie ‘Lost Time’. Director┬áChristian Sesma gave us a little hint on when we might hear some news on the project:

LOST TIME gets it’s final poster before we get a release date… I’m hearing September rumblings…

Stars Rochelle Vallese, Luke Goss, Robert Davi, Jenni Blong, Derek Mears, Lin Shaye, Chelsea Ricketts, Tonya Cornelisse, Maria Olsen, Jennifer Cortese, Stephanie Lesh-Farrell.

I hope people dig this indie sci-fi thriller!


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Your Move

Your Move - Production Meeting

Luke Goss is making his directorial debut with a script he wrote for the action thriller ‘Your Move’. Currently scouting locations in New Mexico, the film is

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KIK Thank You

KIK Thank You

With Luke finally home for a small break in between filming The Night Crew and AWOL-72, he has had time to read each and every one of the shared stories for his most recent Keep It Kind contest.

I wanted to say that this was obviously not about anyone winning a prize. It was just a fun way I wanted to encourage a much needed way to help spread the idea of supporting each other. Thank you for taking time to share your wonderful stories. Some were inspiring, some were comforting and others were heartbreaking, but ALL were wonderful examples of kindness. I hope that this site can continue to be a place where people feel free to come and share and be greeted with compassion any time. With love Luke Goss

Luke found it very difficult to choose. How do you put more or less value on an act of kindness. THEY ALL MATTER, and he truly enjoyed reading them, but in the end a decision had to be made.

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